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Congratulations to Jean Neal for being appointed as Deputy Grand Regent 2016-2017

Jean Neal 410-598-8427  jean_m.neal@yahoo.com

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We have been hearing the same messages for many years. “Play nice in the sandbox!”. . . “Words have meanings . . . Choose them well!” . . .

While these are important messages, I’ll add one more. My Rule of FIVE. Before you get upset or angry, apply the Rule of Five to any situation. Is whatever you’re angry or upset about going to matter in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months or 5 years? If the issue doesn’t fit in any one of those time slots, then don’t give it 5 seconds more of your time. You’re just going to burn energy and time for something that just doesn’t matter.

Please keep in mind that your leadership staff is comprised of mostly volunteers. Some are very smart and talented, but most are salt of the earth, everyday guys and gals who don’t necessarily have college degrees. Just because they’ve been bestowed with a title, doesn’t automatically instill all the knowledge of running a lodge or chapter.. It takes EVERYONE – EVERY MEMBER to run and direct a Chapter. Don’t leave it up to the titles – they’re only human.

But here’s the scary part. . . We’re closing Chapters at an unprecedented rate. Why are we losing Chapters? Because of the personality conflicts and not working together. Get the “ME and I ” factor out of the equation and put in the “WE and THEM” because we’re working for them – that is the residents of Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our communities. It’s remarkable what WE can accomplish for THEM when I and Me don’t get in the way. Put aside the animosity and look for something redeeming in the those you find issue with. Be humble, admit if you’re wrong and be open to correction and taking corrective actions to make things better – include everyone. Lastly – get over yourself! It helps you get out of your own way!

Simply put, we need to pay more attention to what’s going on within our little microcosms of our Chapters. Don’t leave it up to just one person (or ‘title’). Stop pointing fingers because you know what? When you point fingers, always remember that there are THREE pointing right back at yourself. Think about it – when something goes wrong, it’s not just one person’s fault! Have you been attending your meetings? Have you been diligent in the Chapter operations that everyone should be paying attention to? Have you been working to promote cohesion or derisiveness? Have you asked yourself, ‘How can I make this situation better?’ or did you just throw your hands up and walk away?

We need to refocus. It’s not the burden of the tasks in front of us that we need to focus on. Let’s refocus on the fun that we should be having when performing those tasks. When I think back on my years as a member and all the work and happenings that I’ve been part of in the WOTM.. . it’s the most poignant and funny things that come to mind. Yes – there have been some sad memories, but the funny ones are the best and first to spring to mind and far outweigh the sad. SO – Let’s get back to focusing on fun!

With that said, to my Co-workers of the MD/DE/DC Women of the Moose – watch for some fun things to be happening at the February Mid-Year Conference. Williamsport Chapter # #2116 is already hard at work at being the Hostess Chapter. There’s going be some extra special goodie bags (Pre-registered Co-workers will not receive just the obligatory pen, pad and starlight mints!). I’ve already heard from the Tourism Board in Ocean City who’ll be supplying special offers and a small gift to our attendees. I’m working on some special excitement for early registrants and hopefully we’ll see a record amount of attendees! Our Mid-Year Conference focuses on learning. I’m focusing on having FUN while learning and shaking things up a bit, because aren’t you tired of the same old same old?! Oh! and REMEMBER. . . it’s Valentines Weekend – so why not take some extra time with your honey and share a special weekend with your Moose family as well! The men will be featuring another Cash Bash on Saturday night that’s going to offer up to $12,500 in pay outs! It’s only $25/ticket – see your lodge officers for tickets.

I am so excited and look forward to working with everyone this year as your Deputy Grand Regent. Hold on Kids! It’s gonna be a fun ride!

My Contact information is:

Jean M. Neal, 1322 1st Road, Middle River, MD 21220 - email: jean_m.neal@yahoo.com Phone: (410) 598-8427


Jean M. Neal




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Last update 01/30/2017